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Which summer blockbusters are on your must-see list?

23 July 2009 @ 12:50 pm
At blogging that is. I can never ever figure out what to write and sometimes get too damn lazy to even care. So today I bring to you my iPod collection, well like 1% of it anyway.

The mission is simple, place iPod on shuffle and list the first 10-15 songs that come up. I'll then mercilessly try to make excuses for I have most of them on there, most of them really are just becuase I'm a nerd. But here's to hoping for a good mix.

Ready? I am. Let's do it.

1."Fearless" by Taylor Swift
Yea bitches, that is Taylor Swift and I'm proud of it. I'm actually not that embarrassed by this one, my rule is I can make it public knowledge if they are my age or older. Mmmm when did all this begin, oh yeah this last year I was in a friends room for a quiet girls night with champagne and they were all rocking to the Swift. I remember feeling a little left out of the pop country ness filling the room so the next day I downloaded all of her CDs and am hooked.

2. "All My Loving" the Jim Sturgess cover
Wow another good song. I actually kinda have a newfound hate for all of the songs featured in Across the Universe only becuase they got so overplayed and to this day I have failed to block out the screeches of thousands of wannabe hippie tweens gushing over how cool the '60s were, becuase you know the Vietnam war is always a good time. Back to the song anyway, I love this becuase I'm an acapella junkie and I love the intro to this so much.

3. "Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku" from Adolescence of UTENA
If you know what this is extra nerd points to you. Outside of the english Sailor Moon dubs from when I was young, I'm not that big of an anime fan. But Revolutionary Girl Utena was simply amazing storytelling. It was so in depth and skeevy and complex I fell in love with it. If you can get past the fact that it's in anime form anyone can find it enjoyable. Plus it has a kick ass soundtrack, like creepy choral acapella and synth stuff. So weird but so innately genius.

4. "Dani California" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Umm eh, I actually really dislike this song. I mean I loved it when it came out but then again it was the first I had heard of RHCP other than Californication. When I went back and heard "blood sex sugar magik" oh man just such a different kind of orgasmic.

5. "I'm A Long Way From Home" by Shooter Jennings
Yea Walk the Line soundtrack. Love the movie, love the music. If you like soft country, which is the only kind of country I enjoy,  you will love this.

6. "A Get Together to Tear It Apart" by  The Hives
Oh right my sister put this on my iPod. I mean The Hives are all good, all their music just sounds the same sorta. K next.

7. "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence
Jesus, listening to this CD just brings me back to middle school. And I fucking hated middle school. Bleh, I did actually really enjoy this CD I think I still do, I might have grown out of it a little though. Like Linkin Park, yes this was definately happening during my Linkin Park obsession.

8. "Bed of Lies" by Matchbox 20
Just a good nostalgic 90s song all around. So pretty, and I think I stole it off my friend Ellen's computer a couple of years ago. Yeah not much to say I really enjoy this song, I'm gonna close my eyes and enjoy it.

9. "World Town" by M.I.A.
Yes world, there are better songs than "Paper Planes".

10. "Something" by  Jim Sturgess
Please refer to song #2. Skip.

11. "Let It Be" by  The Beatles
Well my iPod sure is on a Beatles rampage today. No matter how random I made my shuffle settings via iTunes I can be sure that it will somehow all the songs from an album within a 40 song playlist. But on to the song, I really love anything Beatles, not becuase everyone should like them but becuase they are so dear to my childhood. My mom immigrated to the US in the 80s and in a scramble to learn English relied on watching TV and listening to all english music. She studied English using Beatles songs because she always said that they sang so clarly and were easy to understand and she like the music in general. So she learned the songs, bought the records, taught me them, and sang them all together. So thank you mom for growing me up with the Beatles. Now I'm not sure if I can say the same thing about "Days of Our Lives".

12. "Life of a Salesman" by Yellowcard
YELLOWCARD. oh I was such a junkie and that electric violin was so damn cool.

13. "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna
What a perfect song to end this list. It was one of those songs that helped me transition from that awkward period in middle school to that much less awkward period after the growth spurt. Wait no forget that last bit I just googled the song and it came it in 2000. I was 10, damn. Well whatever still a good song.

So that's my list. Now I don't feel so bad about not having blogged since hopefully this is a long enough list to make up for it. 

I'll leave you guys with this. Because who doesn't love turn of the millenium videos.


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07 July 2009 @ 03:16 am
Happy belated birthday America! I celebrated like any good patriot would do, parade around the beach and enjoy bastardly amounts of greasy food and liquor. Well minus the liquor, I haven't had a drink since leaving school early May, which for a college freshman is the equivalent of eternity.

Anyways that's not the topic of today's ramblings. That special title belongs to the C-string, one of the many ridiculous things my Stumble Upon has made me aware of.

Now I'm sure y'all are aware of the G-string, fashion's solution to the panty line. Well the C string is like it's slutty gonorrhea carrying cousin. Now I know most girls today love the good old fashion thong (I for one, hate them-and yes I'm almost 20) but what about those select few girls who want to pull off that trashy prom dress with hip cutouts but are still too conservative to have their pikachu hanging out. The C-string just might be the Holy Grail for these poor unfortunate souls. Because there really is no detail that can fully explain what it is I'll let the pictures do the work:


Yep. It basically holds itself up by magic ladies so order up. But honestly, I don't see these catching on at all, maybe I'm just a big prude but I feel like this is the equivalency of sticking a hairband up your ass for the sake of "protection". Anyway if you are truly interested here's the site. Testimonials are welcome. That's all on my fashion expertise for the day, peace.
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28 June 2009 @ 01:32 pm
Just sending out my thoughts and prayers to my home country of Honduras. Here's to hoping that they peacefully resolve their political conflicts and grow as a country from it.

And in case you don't really know what I'm talking about here are the basics.
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26 June 2009 @ 10:02 pm
So after vowing that I would never get sucked into another vampire show because it would never live up to the Buffy pedestal I've had for the last ten years... it happened. With True Blood. I mean it's not too innovative, you know the tortured vamp wanting the blond super heroine virginal girl. But the fascinating thing like it is... it is exactly like Buffy like on the most fucked up weed on the market. Sookie (whose name I still laugh about because Bill sounds like he's saying 'Sucky') is obviously Buffy with her special abilities/virginity/finding cuddle time with vampires. Bill the brooding Angel, although I will give him credit becuase his acting doesn't bug me half as much as David Boreanez's first season. Then there's Tara and Lafayette the comedic relief and Willow/Xander of the season. Plus I will add that Tara's crush on Jason is way too cute, even though Jason pisses me off. Anyhow I've already watched 3 eppys today and thinks me I have to have some dinner though before I do because I'm mighty hungry.

And OT but I just turned around and Grease is on TV and it reminded me how much it pisses me off in movies when groups leave a restaurant and their food has obviously not been touched. (they were in the diner where everyone gets all pissy). I think this is due to the fact I'm still hungry... haha ok I'm off.
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26 June 2009 @ 01:13 am
It's been quite the sad day for myself and a great big part of the world itself. Two people I have grown up admiring have passed away today. So short and simple, rest in peace Michael and Farrah you've made the world a fuller place and we will be so lucky to have anyone nearly as glamorous as both of you to grace our presence again.


Manny Francisco, copyright 2009 Cagle Cartoons
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22 June 2009 @ 11:46 pm
So I follow Perez Hilton's blog, probably the worst decision known to man (thanks Hope) but alas it has become such a part of my daily routine, but I digress.

Anywho as I was reading my morning gossip I decide to watch Perez's video since I never do and this sounded legit (hahaha who am I kidding). And in short he got bitch slapped by Will.I.Am's manager which led to drama and the most humiliating video I've ever seen from a 30 year old man. Here are just a number of the things that perturbed me whilst watching:

-First his stupid ass description "There were MULTIPLE witnesses. What I say above is fact and it will be corroborated as such. " Oh boy 'corroborated', I'm expected to believe that you didn't just that shit considering the longest non four letter word in your rant was "motherfucker".

-"I'm making this video as Mario Levandenda, my legal name" Oh shit you finally discovered reality.

-"No matter what anyone says blood should never be drawn--another person should never be hit. That's how people DIE" Damn I thought it was all those Twinkies Americans have been stuffing their faces for the last 30 years.

-"I would never lie about something so serious. I have 10 million+ people who visit my site everyday. I don't need publicity" Ummmmmm..... k orly.

-"I did have an 'agro' moment with someone from BEP's entourage" I friggin hate useless abbreviations, you know the kind where people say 'sobes' for 'sober', 'belig' for 'beligirent' and yes 'agro' for 'aggravated' it isn't chic it makes you sound like a dumbass. (And yes I do realize those first two examples relate to alcohol but that just says so much about the point I'm trying to make here)

-"And I thought of the first possible thing that thug wanted to hear...and you're a fag and you're gay and you are a faggot!" Wise words from the self appointed crusader of the rainbow flag.

-"I took to twitter" 'nuff said

Oh and it was 12 minutes I will never get back in my life.

Honestly it's such a sad embarrassment watching him, crying at the end and all. Now don't get me wrong I am the most sensible and caring person I know but I just can't feel sorry for a trashy 12 year old girl trapped in the body of a 30 year old man. Anyway I felt the need to share.

On a different note, check this out, it's the Never Ending Level Game the most addictive shiz since The Impossible Quiz, yep becuase I have no life.

21 June 2009 @ 11:45 pm
So shit son, it's summer. I'm jobless, broke, and have no life so what better to do than to start up the good old LJ again. Plus I'm older, wiser, not a ranting 14 year old like I was back when I first started this like 5 years ago. So what will I possibly fill this space in with... well lets see we have my many fandoms, musings of my screwed up mind, and random findings. In short a mix and match of all this:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and by relation anything in the Jossverse)
fashion (at least my feeble attempt)
So You Think You Can Dance
GW- because what's an LJ without bashing your college
and life per se.

I suck at grammar, make awful points, and sometimes rant about nothing at all. But hey whatever, let's see if I can finally keep one of these alive.

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